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"Rejoice, Fiorenza, since you are so great that you flap your wings on the sea and on the ground, and your name spreads throughout hell!" (Dante Alighieri)

The cradle of the Renaissance awaits you to enchant you with its beauties: the perfection of Brunelleschi's dome, which still turns its gaze to his masterpiece, the golden splendor of the Ponte Vecchio and the hidden one of the Vasari corridor, eternity in a single "Spring ” (Botticelli), the majesty of someone preparing to defeat the giant (“David” by Michelangelo), the roar of the Marzocco in defense of our lily (Donatello).

Image by Antônia Felipe
Image by Antonio Ristallo

SIENA - 51 Km

“Siena is a concentration of human sublimity and extreme madness…” (Mario Luzi)

The poet's words perfectly convey the idea of the charm of a medieval city that falls prey to a whirlwind of emotions caused by the three laps of Piazza del Campo on the occasion of the historic Palio (2 July and 16 August).


“to the high and turreted noble land, we made a trip from the beautiful Sangimignan ... this land has long and wide roads, it stands on a hill that embraces many hills; and it has several towers very high from the ground, and a bell tower that is perhaps a hundred arms" (Michelangelo Buonarroti)

What better description to pay homage to a medieval village and the power of its towers!

Image by Shalaka Kale


"just as the round circle / Monteriggion is crowned with towers, / so the edge that surrounds the well / half the person / the horrible giants towered over" (Dante Alighieri)

And still today Monteriggioni "is crowned with towers", every July, on the occasion of the festival that brings the medieval village back to life.

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