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Renamed "the Mistress", she took over the family farm with her usual precise attitude of a real nerd and often a bit pedantic, however surprising even the most skeptical

The more informed say that from heaven the Father said he was very proud of his little girl.

Queen of the cellar, she treats wine with the same love she has for her children and the house cat (less so for her husband), dedicating them infinite care and attention, so much so as to have convinced everyone that after all "wine is a woman". MATERNAL



King of the fields, he found himself at the age of forty assisting his wife in the family business. Integer and very serious "jacket and tie" worker during the week, at the weekend he dedicates himself to the fields with often uncertain results but always with an incurable optimism and proactiveness.

He has convinced himself that spending Saturday on the tractor is a valid alternative to his analyst to overcome the week spent on video call in front of a PC: no one has ever objected to anything because after all a "bischero" on the crawler was needed. TRANSFORMIST



One of the cornerstones of the farm, fortunately endowed for us with a healthy dose of masochism, continues undaunted to help us and to rescue us from any embarrassment. And in these years we have given ourselves a lot to do!

“give me a hammer and a screwdriver, and I'll fix the world”, gifted with a problem solving ability second to none, he tutored Mac Gyver teaching him just about everything.

We have convinced ourselves that he keeps passing through Via Collina, just to earn a slice of Paradise, which he has probably already conquered, but which we hope he never notices. UNREACHABLE



Another backbone of the farm, a healthy bearer of that true knowledge and know-how of a farmer, he always faces every effort with his ineffable smile and kindness.

In addition to solving every problem and knowing how to do practically everything always right and with a moving dedication, he has the gift of reviving our spirits with his sincere compliments towards us dictated more by the goodness of man  which gives an objective merit: however we like to delude ourselves that they are true. EXEMPLARY



New entry, eclectic character at times improbable at least non-trivial, endowed with genius and madness, with a clear predominance for the latter.

It has its own time zone so it rarely shows up at the scheduled time, only to linger well beyond, and until it's finished.

Particularly brilliant in public relations, however it remains a mystery how he could have become one of the pillars of the farm. ESSENTIAL



Hunting setter actually owned by the neighbors, who shows up, in addition to every time we grill meat, especially in the most difficult moments, making our hearts happy with his wagging tail and being playful. Here we are

wanted to convince us that it was sent specifically by someone to tell us that everything would soon be resolved, hence the saying: Here's Maya, everything will be fine! And it seems to work too...

Precisely for this reason, she too deserved the honors of this unlikely team!

Our Unlikely Team

Ilaria, Enrico, Marcello, Riccardo, Andrea and Maya in case you try your hand at a Florentine grill work with passion and dedication to make your stay unforgettable and to produce wines worthy of the beauty that the land of Tuscany will bring into your hearts.

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