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The History of the Company

La Collina farm was born in the late 60s in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of the Chianti Classico, thanks to the passion of the winemaker Riccardo Camiciottoli, who began the production of Gallo Nero wine, entirely produced on the farm, from grapes mainly of Sangiovese variety. Since then the company has remained family-run and produces, in addition to Chianti Classico DOCG wine, Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT (white), extra virgin olive oil, Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC, grappa and brandy; Chianti Classico wine is present in the vintage and reserve types (the latter with two years of aging in barrique).

The company philosophy is aimed at preserving the values and tradition of the Tuscan wine culture, handing down the work, memories and passion for the world of wine to the new generations; the members work personally in the vineyard and in the cellar, obtaining an artisanal and genuine product. The winery has expanded its business in the hospitality sector through the opening of the agritourism.


Family History

Like any family, mine has its own story… unique and special but at the same time similar to that of many other families of the past and present… It all started with a stroke of lightning, or rather with a blow of dynamite: during the break-in of a vineyard, when at the end of the nineteenth century the regulations on safety at work left a little to be desired, our ancestor loses his sight and is rewarded by the lord of the place with the house and the land called "La Collina", which becomes the property of the Camiciottoli family.

Wartime arrives, the Nazis arrive everywhere, even at the Querceto farm where my grandfather Renato is the administrator, they are about to shoot him believing he is the owner but this time fate smiles on us… the Camiciottoli family continues…

My grandfather survives and continues his work as a farmer, to administer the land but above all to love it and to pass this love on to his sons, Roberto and Riccardo, my uncle and my father… and finally La Collina becomes the property of my grandfather, an estate in the heart of the Chianti Classico area, among gentle slopes where the gaze is lost among the rows while the wind, ruffling the leaves, lets us glimpse the bunches that crave the sunlight …The seasons follow one another, winter with its bare rows gives way to the green of spring, to the shades of purple of the summer berries until the arrival of autumn and the harvest, in which the effort of the hard harvest is repaid by the satisfaction of bringing the grapes in the cellar to begin the process that will transform them into the nectar of Bacchus…

… and the years follow one another, with all the changes in the weather but with the constant represented by my father's smile, always in the company of the duke-count, the trusty tractor that roams with him in the vineyards…

And so my father Riccardo, also known as the professor (mathematics teacher loved by his students despite the numerous 4 who crowded his register), together with his school commitments carries on the family business, producing Chianti Classico la Collina from the very beginning; it is his kingdom, shared with an exceptional queen, two young princesses and a large group of courtiers.

Told like this it seems like a fairy tale… and as in all fairy tales, the villain arrives: the king and queen fight but lose their battle against the modern-day dragon…Even the sky seems sad in those moments, but the sun continues to rise and color the grapes, there is a new harvest to face and a new generation ready to do it!And this is how the company comes into my hands and that of my husband, two city mice engaged in other jobs but who roll up their sleeves in the face of the challenge of their first harvest; to embark on this adventure a dose of courage, a pinch of recklessness and the support of those who believed in us were needed; we thank all those who have been close to us, in particular our friends Alessandro and Stefano, who encouraged us to bring the first wine to the cellar, Massimo, a member of the family who allowed the handover, Marcello, who with his simple but incredible wisdom managed to solve innumerable problems, Roberto, a great friend who, keeping his promise to my father, has always helped us and, despite the endless messes we make, continues to pass through via Collina to get us out of trouble…

And from our hands we hope that one day the company will pass to those of our children.

Ilaria Camiciottoli


Come and meet our improbable team, which with passion and love is the soul of the farm "La Collina"

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