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But isn't calling a farm blog a logbook a little eccentric, to say the least?

How could such a thing occur to us, at least not to suffer from strange forms of schizophrenia or other compulsive delusions! Here the sea has very little to do with it, I would say nothing at all. Now it is true that, if the day is particularly clear, you can see the Apuan Alps, but frankly to go further you need a lot of imagination.

The reality, however, is that, since we inherited the company, we have begun a journey which, for two city mice like us, has proven to be particularly stormy, fraught with dangers, always with rough seas and strong winds: in short, it has been seven years that we sail by sight, getting so cold with the "tramontane" that icy lashes the fields and leaves the days clear and the nights full of stars, and just as hot with these summers that burn the earth and your throat that dries up from the dust. We breathed the rain and the scent of catmint, we were in close contact with nature and its rules, sometimes generous and in other cases harsh and severe.

The logbook, in line with the governance of the Agricultural Company, will not follow a logical or temporal order, but will be built on the basis of an irrational thread that will alternate the facts that have particularly struck us in this period of time, sometimes for the absurdity, others for the depth of the context, up to all the particular moments that we live in the present and that we will live.

Naturally everything will be seasoned with a certain note of irony, even involuntary, perhaps because we just can't take ourselves too seriously………………

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